We don't do normal...or easy

Over time, we've built a reputation for making the difficult things seem easy.  Well the truth is, they're never really easy, but it's our job to make it look that way.  Whether you're in professional services, insurance, banking or even construction, we're proud to say that we have happy clients everywhere! 


We know not everyone will want or need all the bells and whistles, but part of what we do really well is find the shiniest bells and most in tune whistles that will work for you.  Our team love to come up with brilliant new ways to make learning incredible...we're terrible at settling for mediocre and never will.


How we'll help you

we'll help you engage the hearts and minds of your learners

Our learning is amazing, but we can't do anything without your help.  Our team will design, develop and deliver a custom solution that will blow your mind. Not because you have low expectations, but because we never settle for second and neither should you!


Here are some of the things we do that will just blow you away (and save you time and money).






That's not all folks - we've delivered memorable conferences for hundreds of people, we've set up way too many Learning Management Systems (LMS), and we even lend our awesome designers to you for a while if that's what you need.  We also have an uncanny knack of designing learning strategies and completing needs analyses that make your job easier.


Sound good? We thought so too - we're all about helping everyone get better at what they do!

So why choose Phenomelearn?


Nobody has enough time these days, not even us!  We're masters at taking the projects that take up too much of your time and returning them in amazing shape.


Our team of learning fanatics work with your team so you can focus on the things that you really want to work on. Add that our learning fanatics are able to turn around your requests in superhero time, making you look great too!


How does a 1600% return on your investment sound? Way too good to be true? We've been involved with projects that delivered this return in the first year (and that project won an industry learning award too *shameless plug*).


We make sure that we deliver not only a fantastic experience, but bottom-line benefits too. Making sure that our projects directly address your business outcomes means that we also make it easier for you to engage us again!


Our team of learning fanatics know the right questions to ask to deliver results. Knowing to focus on what learners will do differently is second nature to us, and will make your project a success. Yes there will be things people need to know as well, but we prioritise helping them do their job better...after all, you pay them to do their job, not just know what they're supposed to do right?


That's just one example of our experience saving you headaches. Because we've successfully delivered brilliant projects in almost every industry, we've already experienced the headaches so that you don't have to!


And with a lot of our clients wanting to work with us again, well that shows our focus on great relationships is just as important as our ability to exceed your expectations.