Wesfarmers - Curragh

Code of conduct

about our awesome client

Wesfarmers Curragh is one of Australia’s largest independent coal mines, producing around 8.5 million tonnes of export metallurgical coal and 3 million tonnes of domestic steaming coal every year. They employ around 600 permanent employees plus contractors on their site. Plus they love awesome learning.

so what was the problem?

As most big organisations do, Wesfarmers Curragh has a code of conduct policy. It's based on the policy from their parent company, but they really needed their message and key principles tailored for their site. That's when they got in touch with us, to take their compliance learning and make it something real and great.


With most remote sites, there are issues with networks, rostering and mainly getting the same message across to everyone in a meaningful way. Part of the discovery process we went through identified the burning platform issues they had, and we made sure to take good note of those.

Using an online module that was supported with a facilitated leader guide, we took all of the problems they currently had, and developed cracker scenarios to make people really think. So none of the standard multi-guess questions, we flipped that on its head, using a "Jeopardy" style approach. Making learners identify the questions that needed to be asked to match the answer, made their brains work a little differently. Told you we don't do things like most!


We also made the scenarios multi-faceted, with secondary and tertiary consequences for learners to consider. Not just picking the right, simple answer, but also having to take into account how that would impact others indirectly if they went down that path.

here's how we made them look brilliant!

What they're saying about the solution

In a nutshell, they loved it! So much so, that the learning solution that was developed specifically for their site, is looking at being used more broadly across their organisation. That kind of compliment happens a bit, but we still love hearing our clients love our work so much, they want to share it with others.


The blended mix of learning makes sure that everyone gets the right support they need to hit the mark and takes into account their environment.


Their solution is about saving a bucketload of time for the team too. Having a short online learning experience that can also be broken up for workforce is a great time saver.

want us to help make you awesome too?

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