Allianz Global Assistance

Employee Engagement

about our awesome client

With 643 staff located across Australia and New Zealand, Allianz Global Assistance Australia is part of the larger Allianz Group. They pride themselves on personally being there to support their customers in a time of need, and keep their promise to be genuinely helpful every time you call, ask a question or make a claim.

so what was the problem?

The brilliant part about this engagement, is that there wasn't really a problem as such. More like an opportunity to take something and make it incredible. When AGA approached us, they wanted a way to re-invigorate their annual employee engagement survey.


Their approach was a lot like ours, so we knew there was no mediocrity coming. With a nationwide CEO roadshow coming up, the perfect chance to get employees excited about working for AGA presented itself. We knew it had to be different, we knew we probably had to push the boundaries a little bit. So coming up with an awesome solution was going to be a lot of fun!

here's how we made them look brilliant!

Because we knew AGA were willing to take a risk to get an amazing result (pretty rare for an insurance company btw), we looked out of the box for a solution. We knew we wanted something that people would excitedly talk about in the lunch room, something that made people laugh and bond with their colleagues.


So coming up with a custom animated movie that described the journey to find and inhabit "Planet AGA" was a hell of a lot of fun! We didn't just come up with the idea on our own though...we got their internal engagement experts (the EAGLEs) into a room and got them involved to help shape how we told the story of Planet AGA.

What they're saying about the solution

Well, our aim was to drive awareness and get people thinking about employee engagement. Thinking about how they can contribute and make AGA an awesome work place. Their response rate to the optional survey was 94%! That was a fantastic result!


And they're looking for more opportunities to use the main character from the animation in other employee communications. Top that off with feedback from the EAGLEs and team members that they loved the message, we think we did a pretty great job!

want us to help make you awesome too?

Then get in touch and we'll come and have a chat about designing an incredible solution for your organisation. Our goal is to completely rid the world of boring learning, and we're always looking for organisations that want to join the learning revolution with us!