7-Eleven Stores

Micro learning

about our awesome client

7-Eleven Stores is Australia’s first choice in convenience. With over 650 stores across Australia, they're a household name, and continually looking for ways to improve the customer experience. That's part of the reason they've partnered with us - our customer experience is our first priority, as it is with 7-Eleven.

so what was the problem?

As with most retail providers, 7-Eleven face the ongoing challenge of keeping their employees skilled in their roles, in a fluid environment. Their existing process training had some great e-Learning and a really fantastic face-to-face experience as well. Their main challenge was how to keep that learning current and relevant, when there are over 70 major procedures and processes an employee has to be across.


Combine the challenge of knowing all those processes, with the fact a lot of their learning is delivered on-the-job, and you've got a bit of a tricky problem to keep these people job ready.

here's how we made them look brilliant!

We knew their predominately Gen Y workforce were savvy with technology. Actually to the point where they expect their learning to be bite sized and easily accessible. So we scoped their processes, broke them down even further, and created an awesome blended solution.


That solution included a whiteboard animation style 90 second video that showed each process. Learners can access these using a QR code, which is on the back of a quick reference card that also includes the main process steps. Just like a YouTube instructional video, we made it easy to follow and familiar.


Of course, there was also a training guide to support the franchisees to deliver the training (including what questions to ask). It was all about making it as easy as possible for everyone involved.

What they're saying about the solution

There is a lot of love for this blended, bite sized learning approach. It's taken a lot of pressure of franchisees in delivering training to their staff (when they're not trained as facilitators). It also gives employees the comfort and confidence that they can get step-by-step instuctions on completing almost any task at the drop of a hat (or the scan of a QR code).


In an environment where things are changing all of the time, the solution we came up with has the added benefit of being really easy to edit and change! It's a winner all round!


7-Eleven even got us to come back and do more and more animated work with them, including a short video that was presented to all their employees. They even got us involved with another project to develop a video supporting an award nomination for them.

want us to help make you awesome too?

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