Let's start at the very beginning...

At Phenomelearn, we're pretty passionate about what we do, and we don't take shortcuts.  We base our approach to making your learning awesome on user experience (UX for those uber nerds). There's no other way to truly engage hearts and minds, and deliver business results at the same time.


What does that mean? Well, it means that we don't assume that we know anything, apart from the fact you want an awesome solution to your problem. So we'll ask the right questions to find out about your story, and we'll find the right way to get your story across to learners so they can remember and do the things they're supposed to!


Want to know more about how we get you to awesome (within your budget)? Check out our learning design process below, and if it still doesn't make sense - call us, and we'll explain over coffee!

The Phenomelearn way of getting to awesome

1. Order coffee


2. Ask lots and lots of questions about the problem, people, objectives and level of awesomeness

3. Come up with lots and lots of ideas (mostly great, some not so great, but that's ok at this stage)

4. Pick out the best idea (or best bits of different ideas) to defeat the evil problem


Hint: if you're playing along at home, the best ideas will be the ones that make learners have to think hard and apply what they're learning. Ideally in an amazing scenario - but don't worry, we'll help you craft that story!

5. Get designing so everyone can see what the awesome ideas look like in real life


Our principles of phenomenal learning design:

  1. simple

  2. visual

  3. realistic

  4. challenging

  5. exciting

6. Get feedback from you about what you love and what you don't

7. Get fixing with any edits, and make a phenomenal learning experience


7.1 Go back to step 6 until you're happy with what you've got

8. Deliver your project  then sit back and listen to all the people who love your learning experience, and watch the real changes they're demonstrating now they've completed their learning!