[fi-nom-uh-lurn]. 1. to deliver phenomenal learning experiences


Learning is a life-long process that happens everyday whether we like it or not.  


Our view is that if you have to do something every day, why not make it as amazing as possible?

We create phenomenal learning and love what we do

 We've been around in learning for quite a while and we've seen a lot of learning fads.  Most of those fads come with the expectation that significant change will happen just like that (and the price tag to match) if a fairy godmother waved her magic wand.  


We know it's not that easy, and we've seen a lot of organisations struggle to make their learning engaging and real enough to create an actual change in behaviour.  At Phenomelearn, we're obsessed with storytelling and hate to see half-finished fairytales. So, like the fairy godmother, but in an engaging and cost-effective way, we'll help get you to happily ever after.


Whether you need incredible elearning or face-to-face design, memorable animations, brilliant facilitation, fanatical project management or anything else related to phenomenal learning, we're here under your nose right now! 

We're confident that we can rock your world!


We'll come and have a chat to see what you're doing with your learning, show you ways to make your learning strategy and budgets work smarter, and show you just how awesome you can be....for free! Free! Seriously, we'll even buy our own coffee.  


Of course, if you have already done all the hard work in figuring out where you need assistance in becoming brilliant, give us a call and we'll come out to start helping you!



Albert  Einstein


Once upon a time...

There was a little child who went to school and realised that there had to be more to life then sitting behind a desk, and learning about equations and hypotheses.  


The drive to explore and try to find the relevance in what you learn has been with all of us over time.  We just happened to find a bunch of fanatics who look for every single way possible to make it happen!


We love learning - what we do is take learning and make it as amazing as it can be.  Ok, so sometimes it's not the most interesting (read: boring) content you need people to know....but that shouldn't be the catalyst to accept a mediocre learning experience.


So if you want to be brilliant and work with a group of learning fanatics who won't settle - give us a call.  There is only so much coffee we can drink on our own, and we're very good at sharing!

Our principles of phenomenal learning design

1. Simple

2. Visual

3. Realistic

4. Challenging

5. Exciting